10 days and 1k views! STOKED!

I truly don't know how big a deal this is but this is a BIG DEAL FOR ME!!! I can barely contain my happiness! Can't thank you all enough but this is only the start!!! Looking for a lot more support from everyone! Long way to go....this is just a beginning 🙏🏻

Skin Care

French restored my Largest organ (aka SKIN)!!!

“La Roche Posay” is my Skin's religion and I am as true to it as one can be! Rather it’s become my way of life!!!


Such is the influence of “popular!!!”

I loved MY coffee only to realise a decade and a half post being caffeinated that I was a chai (Tea with tonnes of milk) person! Talk of being influenced (where-in no one forced me into being partial towards those black beans of coffee but then everyone seemed to drink coffee around me) into believing… Continue reading Such is the influence of “popular!!!”