This Holiday enforces….Ignorance Is a Bliss!

How I wish I were in the Stone Age! How I wish I was left untouched by the "Stone Wave!!!" My frame of mind right now: I am away from the humdrum of my super sonic life (Read: City life)! Five days in Ranthambore, a quaint, little town hidden in the interiors of Rajasthan, India!… Continue reading This Holiday enforces….Ignorance Is a Bliss!


Gigi Vs. The Falsies!

BECAUSE, I ACE THIS CATEGORY of ZERO TIME AND ZERO MAKEUP SKILLS!!! Most of my beauty oriented blogs are for those who know "ZERO" or have "ZERO" time when it comes to makeup! Read on: It has been a couple of months now! I don't clearly remember the month that it was, but nonetheless! That's… Continue reading Gigi Vs. The Falsies!

toddler mom

Toddler being raised by Children!

My sister went shopping! Agenda was: "Deepa, I NEED CLOTHES. I have NONE for the summers!!!" I told her to not enter the house without something for me as well! SHE COMPLIED! COMPLIED A BIT TOO MUCH! She came home with this bag full of books (AND two T-shirts "smack")!!! Whatever happened to her agenda… Continue reading Toddler being raised by Children!


Motherhood helped me find my RED WONDER (my LIP BALM)!!!

I was on my maternity leave!  My sister and I were talking in a hush hush manner while my baby slept next to me! We were planning a road trip to my farms and were discussing all things multipurpose for my new born (after all who likes to carry truck loads, especially when you have… Continue reading Motherhood helped me find my RED WONDER (my LIP BALM)!!!

Toddler parents

Toddler parents and their date night stories- PART 1

PART 1: Every day, over phone (while I am at work and my husband is on leave/sailor is home) we make some really elaborate and exquisite plans! We make plans! We plan to head for my favorite Chai Latte at Starbucks and maybe a quick and quiet dinner some place afterwords! We have requested our… Continue reading Toddler parents and their date night stories- PART 1


My go to look= 5 minutes + 5 products

Youtube must be hurting these days!!! Hurting with exhaustion!!! Too many beauty vlogs on Youtube, off late! And they are so detailed!!! (PS: The real focus needs to be on skin's health and not beautification!!!) It takes a bag full of products and a minimum of 20 minutes (guessing from their blog descriptions) to "GET… Continue reading My go to look= 5 minutes + 5 products


The loop of faith!!!

"Why does a particular action-such as getting married in church, fasting on Ramadan or voting on Election Day seem meaningful to me? Because my parents also think it is Meaningful, as do my brothers, my neighbours, people in nearby cities and even residents of far-off countries! And why do all these people think it is… Continue reading The loop of faith!!!


“Followers” is a sophisticated synonym for “Stalkers”!!!

I have had a long Friday and I still have a few hours to go before I can head home! I have finally been able to settle in and have unpacked my lunch. Within 10 seconds I am feeling relaxed and the first thing I did after calling home to speak with my 2 year… Continue reading “Followers” is a sophisticated synonym for “Stalkers”!!!