toddler mom

“Wasted State” CAN get very awakening!

I am busy throwing bouncers at the voice in my head.... the voice of my husband, telling me "NEVER MIX DRINKS DARLING! YOU HAVE A BABY'S APPETITE FOR LIQUOR" but when do women listen to their husbands! After all, its our "Feminism" that we ought to stand for! PS: EVEN IF ITS AGAINST OUR OWN… Continue reading “Wasted State” CAN get very awakening!


Chink in our Armours!

If it weren't for our obsession to look for sufferings in other's lives (to make our own agonies more bearable), Twitter would die an Instant death!!! By the time its 12 noon, our brains have been able to successfully shake sleep off our bodies!!! We have begun to feel somewhere close to humans! NOSY HUMANS!!!… Continue reading Chink in our Armours!