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My First Pang of Jealousy

Yesterday was the day I truly felt my FIRST EVER PANG OF JEALOUSY and I know now, there are many more to come! Flashback (3 years ago): She for some strange reason never warmed up to her pram and I would always carry her in my arms, walking in the parks, right after work. That… Continue reading My First Pang of Jealousy


Capitalistic Motherhood

That “green symbol” is for Indian Currency “Indian Rupee” For many weeks, in fact months……. no wait, it was a couple of years before she could train her toddler into being a believer of capitalist ways! And, finally (just like her) her daughter too is a believer of the capitalist ways!!! I got you all… Continue reading Capitalistic Motherhood

Toddler parents

Toddler parents and their date night stories- PART 1

PART 1: Every day, over phone (while I am at work and my husband is on leave/sailor is home) we make some really elaborate and exquisite plans! We make plans! We plan to head for my favorite Chai Latte at Starbucks and maybe a quick and quiet dinner some place afterwords! We have requested our… Continue reading Toddler parents and their date night stories- PART 1


Postpartum re-shaping struggles!!!

It took me 3 months and a look at unborn child's first (ultrasound) pictures to warm up to the idea of motherhood! From then on, all I did was binge! I ATE ALL THE TIME (would carry BAGS full of food to work)!!! I ate two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners (and these meals… Continue reading Postpartum re-shaping struggles!!!