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Emotions in the hindsight- I was really excited about my "me time" but now, a few hours after my daughter has left for the farms with my mum and dad, I am not so sure about my idea of a party! I am missing her terribly! Reluctantly, I gather my thoughts and pick my brightest… Continue reading The WORLD has a PINOCCHIO’s NOSE

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“Wasted State” CAN get very awakening!

I am busy throwing bouncers at the voice in my head.... the voice of my husband, telling me "NEVER MIX DRINKS DARLING! YOU HAVE A BABY'S APPETITE FOR LIQUOR" but when do women listen to their husbands! After all, its our "Feminism" that we ought to stand for! PS: EVEN IF ITS AGAINST OUR OWN… Continue reading “Wasted State” CAN get very awakening!

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Your child’s grandparents are injurious to your health!

Junk food is bad for health!!! Heard this before??? I am sure you have heard this one so much that your ears are bleeding by now! BUT, Who gave you the Gyan (Hindi terminology for "lecture")??? Your parents, nutritionists, friends, well wishers, health and life style bloggers and vloggers! Imagine whom I got it from???… Continue reading Your child’s grandparents are injurious to your health!

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Teach your toddler “Early to rise” is what “Good children do” and REGRET IT!!!

Chronicles of motherhood-   I AM SO DRAINED from the day's work that I pass out the moment I hit the pillow! Reason: My daughter has a body clock which is so precise that it beats my energies hands down! I went to bed on time! 10:30PM I was nestled in my king sized bed,… Continue reading Teach your toddler “Early to rise” is what “Good children do” and REGRET IT!!!

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My “Summer” skin essentials!

INDIAN SUMMER (NOT the book).... THE Tropical INDIAN SUMMER is back! and it brings with it the gift of heat which is dressed with humidity! RESULT: Your T-ZONE is a mirror to another (because you can literally bottle up the oil that your face produces) Yukkkk.....I can really gross you out! Hahahaha.... Breakouts become like… Continue reading My “Summer” skin essentials!

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Toddler being raised by Children!

My sister went shopping! Agenda was: "Deepa, I NEED CLOTHES. I have NONE for the summers!!!" I told her to not enter the house without something for me as well! SHE COMPLIED! COMPLIED A BIT TOO MUCH! She came home with this bag full of books (AND two T-shirts "smack")!!! Whatever happened to her agenda… Continue reading Toddler being raised by Children!

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A New Mother 👶

via Daily Prompt: Suddenly One day I was a 28 year old, youthful (34-24-34/5'8"/60 kilos/super fit) girl, vivacious, party hard, work harder kind of person! Then came that moment when the "Two Pink Stripes" appeared! Their emergence was so sudden, that I felt I had qualified to redefine "sudden" 🙈😈 These unforeseen "pink lines" brought… Continue reading A New Mother 👶