Capitalistic Motherhood

That “green symbol” is for Indian Currency “Indian Rupee” For many weeks, in fact months……. no wait, it was a couple of years before she could train her toddler into being a believer of capitalist ways! And, finally (just like her) her daughter too is a believer of the capitalist ways!!! I got you all… Continue reading Capitalistic Motherhood


Sadly, my mother is right!

I want my daughter to NOT be a feminist but to be fiercely independent and courageous! (For now- she does her own shopping (bought wipes for her doll) and orders her own food! I AM SERIOUS!)   Here, I am being all ambitious about wanting to make my daughter a fire ball! PS: I don't… Continue reading Sadly, my mother is right!


Postpartum re-shaping struggles!!!

It took me 3 months and a look at unborn child's first (ultrasound) pictures to warm up to the idea of motherhood! From then on, all I did was binge! I ATE ALL THE TIME (would carry BAGS full of food to work)!!! I ate two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners (and these meals… Continue reading Postpartum re-shaping struggles!!!