Capitalistic Motherhood

That “green symbol” is for Indian Currency “Indian Rupee”

For many weeks, in fact months……. no wait, it was a couple of years before she could train her toddler into being a believer of capitalist ways!

And, finally (just like her) her daughter too is a believer of the capitalist ways!!!

I got you all wondering, haven’t I!

So, this is how the story goes-

She was 1 year old when the real battle of a working mother began.

The mother of this little girl would wake up and slip off, literally from the backdoor of the house, through the garage and reach work 45 minutes before time.

She would be at work by 8:30 am. Sometimes, even, 8:15 am.

Workaholic mom syndrome?


It was a precautionary measure taken by me and the whole family to make sure that the daughter doesn’t see me leave home and so she won’s start her day off by howling and wailing while her heart ached for her mother.

All that little girl asked for was her mum to be by her side.

She asked for nothing but just her mother’s presence!

When she was 1, slipping through the back-door way before she would wake up worked.

Slowly, her body turned into a sensor and she could sense each movement of mine even in her sleep.

End result-

Any time of the night or early hours of the day, if the mother would step out of the bed, she would sit up and follow the mother.

The daughter stuck to the mother to a level, where you could not spot the mother’s shadow behind her!

Every morning, the daughter would tell the mother to “take a holiday” and the mother would reason it out with her child (the child who hadn’t even learnt to talk properly and she was being reasoned with) about how work is very important and it can’t be missed.

And, she turned 2.

By now, she had figured out all my strategies and back-door exit routes.

She started to wake up before me. Sometimes she would sit up at 4:30 am just to make sure that “mumma doesn’t leave her and go.”

The mother too had started going weak in my heart and soul.

Serious doubts were beginning to raise in her chest and she would often find herself overwhelmed by her daughter’s despair.

Her daughter has almost stopped sleeping after 5 am. The first light of day and her child would be up with a start.

After the mother would leave for work, all the daughter would do was wait for the evenings.

Time passed,

She has turned 3-

And goes to pre-school.

The mother wakes up before her, and she wakes up 2 seconds after the mother.

Both brush their teeth together and then she chills with her Nani (maternal grandmother) and waters her plants while the mother gets dressed for work.

The mother then walks to her little girl, and dresses her up for school.

The mother then goes down on her knees and as a finishing touch, adjusts her child’s headband after having brushed the most beautiful child’s gorgeous, soft waves of hair.

The daughter instantly comes closer to the mother and plants the loudest and the sweetest kiss ever on the cheeks of her mother.

They both give each other the tightest hug ever and then the daughter says-

“Go to work mumma else you shall get late. A lot of traffic these days because of the heavy rains. Come home soon, don’t be late. I will also go to school with Nana (maternal grandfather) and then come home and play with Roshini (her nanny).”

Just as the mother was about to walk out of the MAIN DOOR of the house (she no longer has to use the garage door)-

Her daughter hugs her once again and says-

“I love you so much mumma. I Love you so much mumma”

and waves her a “see you soon” as she sits in her car and drives away to work.

There are many mothers like this one here in the story, where they go to work, leaving their children at home with nannies, in day cares or with grandparents because they need to work. Sometimes, even when their child is unwell.

Reasons for wanting to work and continuing to work are many.

They range from financial constraints to financial independence to social independence.

Who has dished this idea to us?

This idea of earning more so that you can spend more (and thus you can be stuck in the vicious cycle forever….)

and then feel empowered for being able to spend more.





PS:I am no one to comment on the SAHM or the working mothers. On the rights and the wrongs of it all.

Reason– I am myself a part of the conflict. I root for both. I swing in between,

UNTIL I FIND CLARITY (which I very much doubt I ever will). Until then-

HAIL CAPITALISTS (hope not) …phew