FEMINISM is like that Grass which is greener on the other side!

Sometimes careers that you love take a toll! The life catches up on you and your dreams and you feel weighed down!

Weighed down by your own expectations from you! In an attempt to outshine your own self,

You burn your self out!

And the feeling of being burnt comes at a juncture where you thought you had just begun and had a lifetime to go!

This can be as gory and petrifying as seeing Khal Drogo Crowning Viserys (

PS: if you don’t know what am talking about, 1st-hit the link above and 2nd- are you even living on this planet in this century?

And you go looking for an ointment for the burns,

But how does one balm the soul with an ointment! After all it’s the inner you that’s taken a beating this time!

Most often than not, in times like these, a woman is comforted by thoughts and words from family!

Thoughts and words which sound like-“honey no problem quit the job look after the home/child/family etc ok! we are there! You don’t have to worry about the finances”

And the woman takes great comfort and pride in it! And she quits! She is sheltered and the queen of her home and her family!

But, hold on-

1. WHY should you, the woman not worry about money? Woman, please worry about money ok! There’s nothing wrong in wanting to make your own! Wanting to make your own money is in no manner humiliating to you or anyone you know!

2. Besides, your parents didn’t get any relaxation in fees for your education because you were not a boy and you worked just as hard to pass the exams and get the job like any boy had to!

3. Since when did quitting become a solution?

4. Besides, did the man have the same comforts as did you? Do the men in our houses also enjoy the same luxuries! Help the men, would you women?


HONEST QUESTION– A man will marry an unemployed woman but will a woman ever marry an unemployed man?

We know the answer! Don’t we!

Come on women, come out clean! Show the courage! Be honest!

Money makes the world go round! Don’t pretend!

Also, if you want shelter, if Quitting is the answer to all the predicaments, well then quit this whole Broadway show that you have made of FEMINISM!

And if you want feminism to win truly, then stick it out in times good and bad! Sail through it! Let the men’s comforting words be your source of ease and calm and not words that you were wanting to hear really so you could run!

And, if you want to run and give up still,

Let me tell you,

You are giving up on life!

Please remember, now and forever




You Don’t have to become men, you have to be women who persevere like any man could and would!

PS: I am by no means negating the hardships a woman goes through, biggest being motherhood (which men can’t even imagine)!

But, make no excuses and fight with all your might!

Because, I am sure there are struggles in a man’s life which even we cannot begin to imagine!

Never forget-

Feminism, just like grass needs watering!