Older sisters are an heir to DOMINANCE 😎

These younger ones I tell you!

We older ones are so giving, and so cool…and these young chickens …urgh

Such a classic example of diluted gene pool!

(Diluted because clearly we (aka older ones) fish the best at the onset itself).

I simply don’t get the point behind their constant whining.

Why these baby chicks (aka the younger sisters) can’t just accept the whole purpose of their lives!

Just fetch us that glass of water will you, chicken!




I get it, she is in the bed, snuggled up in her doona and its cold outside, but then so am I right! Can’t she not pick her pretty ass and get me some water.

Besides not like she has to go to a well to draw the water out for me.


Just the other day,

I asked her to pass me the pen. I was on phone and I needed to write something really important.

Could she not interrupt her lunch and just get me the pen which was kept on the bar behind me. I mean come on! She just has to go round the table. Not like I am asking her to swim oceans here. I am on a cell phone but turning around can strain my neck ok and my important phone call can get interrupted! Duh!


Another day, right after dinner, I washed my hands and we went to her room. The moment we sat down, my hands started to feel all itchy and dry. It can happen to anyone right! I asked her to hand me over something for my drying hands. She passed the tub of ponds cold cream kept on her bed side.


I said cream for my hands! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the cream for hands has to be hand cream! All she had to do was go to my washroom and get me my fav. hand cream. AND our rooms are interconnected!


And this one day, god, she got me all hyperventilating!

We had called it a night and she was going to her room and I had just slid into my bed!

There were some chocolate wrappers on my bedside.

I told her to throw them in the dustbin in her room. Same thing right! Dustbin is dustbin, so why does she have to dirty my dustbin!

Hers is anyway full and dirty! Just stuff that one further!

but NO she won’t!

Just because hers is dirty, she wants to soil mine as well!

Goddamn loser 🙄

Why dirty my dustbin man! Phew!

and if this wasn’t enough, she won’t switch the lights off on her way out of my room!

yes, I do have a bed hanging switch just above my head but then I am already in bed lying down arms tucked under me all set to doze off!All she had to do is climb my bed and bend a little, stretch a little and press the button! That’s all! But she won’t.

AND, I made her! 😈


1. First of all, I am making her fit! She has to be physically active and I am fulfilling the role of an elder sister by preventing her from leading a sedentary life style!

2. Its all give and take! I let her imbibe my awesomeness and she gets to be the super awesome, cool, Uber-chic one courtesy me! I am her SOS so I want something in return!

3. (THIS POINT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL) WE elder sisters aren’t dominating for nothing ok! This is our birth right! These chicken (sisters) are born for the sole purpose of serving us!

I am the reason she was born! She should be indebted to me for life!

Instead, she is a thankless little mouse!

I love her and all that but she ought to SERVE me right?



PS: Each time you refuse to listen to me, remember this one time when I convinced you that you were adopted 😂😂 (and measure my powers 😜)

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