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Emotions in the hindsight-

I was really excited about my “me time” but now, a few hours after my daughter has left for the farms with my mum and dad, I am not so sure about my idea of a party! I am missing her terribly!

Reluctantly, I gather my thoughts and pick my brightest Red lip colour and as I slowly start to take the applicator of my lip colour over my upper lips, I can feel my spirits lifting!

After all,

Delhi winters, Beautiful weather, Long weekend and Some me time!!!

How often does a toddler mom get all these ‘favourable’ factors all at once?

On 26th Jan’2018 (Friday/Republic day of India/National Holiday), the stars aligned in this really rare fashion and I got it all together because toddler is holidaying with the grandparents.


I have decided to make the most of it! In the longest time ever, I am hosting a party in my house!

Just to catch up on some fun and meet my pals whom I haven’t seen in a really long time.


Night of the Party:



By 10 PM, all of my friends have arrived and we have started the barbecue.

It’s a beautiful, winter night!

Our olfactory nerves are at their heightened best, courtesy the night blooms in my garden mixed with the fragrant tikkas and kebabs.

Drinking dranks always peps the party up!

PS: I am not promoting alcohol, in fact I don’t even drink hard liquor!

Wine is not hard liquor is it!


Point being, once in a while and in moderation, alcoholic beverages do no harm.

So, by 2 AM none of us would qualify as “sober” but I guarantee you none us were off limits!

Primary reason: We all are OLD now! Meh..

So we enjoyed a few drinks and I listened to “Munda badnaam hogaya” and “we don’t talk anymore” on loop and then around 4 AM we all had tea and ate eggs!

7 AM, the house was in a state that no one could tell that we have had a party with 12 people over!

It was SPOTLESS! God bless my Lakshmi and Saraswati (help at home)!


Two days later, 29th Jan’2018:

I return back from work! The daughter and the parents have returned!

Parents are in a really foul mood!

They were furious because they got complaints (my parents knew I was partying and is that even important! I am an adult or at least I keep reminding my self that I am)

The neighbours (two 70 something old women) had told my parents that it is not a good practise to host parties late in the night and that they felt disturbed!

FYI I am 31 yrs old and people complain about me to my parents!

You can’t even imagine how furious I was!

I stopped helping these women with their WhatsApp and FB. They knew I was pissed so they tried to reason it out with me! (Read thankless women)

They told me how they are old and they felt disturbed!

And here I was thinking- what about the Dhols (English- drums) they beat and the punjabi folk songs they sang in the pretext of Lohri (a punjabi winter festival) where they lit a bonfire infront of my house and my daughter cried because she hates loud noices and nonetheless they went on with “their celebrations” straight into midnight! Not to forget, my daughter is 2 years old and sleeps by 8 PM.

I pointed it out to them just as much!

Now comes the bummer-

The women spoke golden words or so they thought.

They said to me-

“Beta (child) you are a mother, your husband is at sea and parents aren’t around! It doesn’t look good you know! Women from GOOD FAMILIES don’t behave like this”

Bottom line:

A woman’s worth is measured not just by the size of her clothes, height of her heels and the depth of her cleavage!

It’s also judged by how dead she is as a human!


Else, god save you from whore-shaming!

And these women,

Like always, These women are the women’s biggest enemy! (

But, then


(just to help you look at it from a lighter perspective)

We can’t blame them really! It’s only the fault of their noses!

So long is their nose that it always, without fail meddles into other people’s business!

They are victims of the “Pinocchio’s nose Pattern”