Come what may, Never wrestle a Pig!

Don’t feed the pig the satisfaction it is getting by succeeding in making you enter the sty (and start a wrestling match with him/her) and the pig will starve into oblivion!

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You are like a Dandelion dancing in the breeze! That’s how light you are feeling right now!

After dreading the thought of going to work each day for years, you are finally looking forward to going to work!

PS: you love your job and your profile but the environment (your colleagues/boss/team leader etc.) sucks.

SUCKS so well that you are reminded of Tom Riddle!

Tom Riddle?


Harry Potter?

Does it ring a bell NOW!

Please say a YES At least now!

If not, you are an Eoraptor and even google can’t help you 😖 (because they just don’t know how to use google)😼

So, you have dressed up, worn your fav. Ruby woo (too bright for work but then you are all for bright today/boys are,say wearing a perfume and not just a deo! I mean what do boys do or rather what could you boys do differently if you were happier! You can’t possibly be wearing a red lipstick! Or would you) and have that bounce in your steps!

What has changed so much that the dread has turned into eagerness to go to work?

This change is because-

Finally, you are able to recognise the PIG and treat the pig like one!


Each day you would wake up with this sinking feeling!

Work is not the problem here! The problem is the work place environment!

Your work is no longer about meeting the deadlines, being productive and mastering your craft!

All you are doing is surviving the days and channelising all you got in you to tackle the PIG.

And your middle finger is forever in the air!

You want to effing wrestle the shit out of the pig!

You have reached a point in time where you are no longer getting any sleep because by now the pig has started to dance on your nerves!

The pig is winning and is doing a Happy Dance!

You are disturbed to a level that it seems like you are being physically afflicted!

You are lying in bed staring at the ceiling and watching the fan go round while tears of distress are streaming down your cheeks!

If you have reached this stage in life or are nearing it, read on because

This Is Going to Help guys-

When you get into a mud slinging match with a pig, soon you will realise that the pig was actually enjoying it!!! Besides, you are going to come out just as filthy as the darn pig!

See, I told you I am as smart as one can get!

If you know who said this, then I plead guilty 😜 (google it up/I won’t give you a layout of my guilt would I/asking for too much eh)

Now, aren’t you swearing right now, wishing you had known this before!

Also, I am certain you were silly enough to think pigs in reality as well were just as adorbs as those baby pink Peppa pigs!

Don’t lie! I know you never really visualised a pig as those filth laden black things roaming around in all fours in the grossest of places!


Back on point:

Never try to fight it out with the pig because forget everything else, you definitely don’t want to be slather garbage on your self from head to toe and then lose the match as well!

You will lose because the pig has no threshold levels! It can stoop and lie and hide and cover itself in that mire without a blink of an eye while you are eventually going to get sick of the gunk and you have standards to maintain!

So, the best option to beat the bloody pig is to not start the match at all!


Always remember, the goo is being thrown your way because they want you to fall and you are standing tall and are evidently smarter than the pig)!



It’s been years since you had a sleepless night thanks to the stinky pig and you wake up fresh as a daisy rearing to go to work!

And the pig has faded in the back ground because you never entered the sty again and it’s that muck that gives the pig it’s joys!

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