Masquerade ball for Mass Massacre!

In India, about 3 centuries ago,

We were hit by a ROCK!!!

The rock measured 242,495 Sq. Km. in size!

On that fateful day, rose the era of our fall.

The Rock hit us hard! Such was the magnitude of the impact that 70 years later (since we APPARENTLY got rid of the rock), until today It’s INDENT IS IMPRESSIONABLE!

The ‘ROCK’ was hermetic in nature!

But in actuality, it absorbed almost the whole world’s materials, marbles and morals!!!

We weren’t spared either! We the Indians.

In fact, we were at the epicentre!

It soaked in the most from us because we had the most to give!

Why did we have the most to give???

2 Major reasons ((my opinion)/ps: I am no expert)-

1. We were blessed by The Bhagwans and/or The Allah (which ever you prefer/ now we are also inclusive of God (The Christ))! We were the borne by the land which was deified thanks to its topography and geography! Result: It was this topography and geography which robbed Rome and the British Aristocrats of all their Gold and Glitter because they wanted our Spices and Muslin!


2. We Ace the phenomenon of Factionalism!

Result: Any one could build a wall in our hearts and tear us apart! It was a cake!

walk to shred our family.

Sadly, family for most expands at the max. ONLY up to their community!

Final outcome: The ‘Rock’ sat atop our “family” values (when I say family I refer to the whole country) and crushed it (I would prefer being torn apart. At least their is hope! Hope of a re-stitch!)

BATTLE OF BUXAR (turning point in Indian History)

But, we were crushed and we were to be blamed! That burden of responsibility has to be shouldered by us Indians!

Penalty: Even today, we fight massive communal wars with absolute negligence of the fact that this is going to smack us back! Right in our face, in broad day light!

Look carefully at the picture below (Need I say more???)

One second…..

How is that possible??? It simply can’t get back to us! We can’t be fighting for communalism! No we are surely not fighting for communalism are we?!?

There is no “Brit-instigation” going on!

Point to ponder over: who is the catalyst now? Because clearly we are fighting for communalism and not fighting communalism!!!

The centuries old Rock has been discarded 70 years ago right!


The Rock hasn’t been thrown out YET!!! The Rock has now worn a Mask!!!

This Rock is WORSE!!!


Wondering the how’s and why’s???

I will answer your goes and why’s-

This time you aren’t even aware that you are under the Rock! You are inebriated by democracy which has proven delusional and has created an illusion of freedom!

However, in reality we are still being toyed around!

And this time your guards are down! So, clearly the Rock is going to hit you harder than ever before!!!

This Rock has now started a Masquerade! And this masquerade ball is hosted by our leaders, OUR OWN LEADERS (religious, political, familial, communal, and a 100 more categories)! Ones we chose thanks to possessing the power of DEMOCRACY!!!


This masquerade will stop after, ONLY AFTER MASS MASSACRE!!!


THE “ERA OF DARKNESS” continues….


1.Era of Darkness is a book by Shashi Tharoor and one must read it!

2.Indian Summer is another essential (By Alex Von Tunzelmann).

3.The Indian Trilogy by V. S. Naipaul

PS: The images are from google!