Why FOCUS needs to shift from RIP to LIP (live in peace)-

Just like Salman Khan has millions who are rooting for him, there are just as many millions who aren’t!

But, which category do I fall into?

I am absolutely clear in my head that I am an ARDENT FAN of his! And I have had to face some serious flak for being a vocal supporter of Salman Khan!

Not many would believe me now (because I have established that I am his fan)….

See if you can, when I say this-

“trust me, I am all for wildlife conservation and environmental protection acts and laws, because if you don’t value them, soon we shall need laws for human life conservation”☠️

PS: I am a biologist and a Scientist by Profession and I can measure it’s impact!

Yet, I also believe in one more thing-

And that is-

Each one of us has a Black and a White Side!

We all are demons along side divinity, all in the same body!

Still, WHAT we fail to note is- Salman Khan is more divine than satan!

Ok ok… please don’t start jumping, hurling abuses at me, saying things like “what do u know Deepa Suhag, About Salman Khan??? You would obviously say just this! After all you are smitten by him!”

Smitten I am! But don’t ask me how I can affirm his divinity!

If you don’t know “THE HOW” to His divinity weighing over his satan-side….

You got to be living in the Pleistocene epoch and ICED by it!!!

So clearly that justifies you being left untouched by all that the man has done for causes all humane!

Another argument arises:

“He does run several charitable organisations but then he does it all for publicity and to wash off his numerous sins”

Look at it this ways-


Good will remains Good will, Irrespective!

PS: I Would like to clarify that I am in no ways benefitted by Salman Khan and nor do I know him personally! I know nothing about the REAL Salman Khan but then I am yet to uncover my own real self!!!

For all you know, in the 20 years that have passed, that Black Buck has gone through the whole RIP phase and has even been re-incarnated into some super influential superior race, THE HUMAN!!!😈😂

But, this guy, our beloved Salman Khan continues to suffer!!!

This is why I reckon that the focus needs to shift from the RIP status of the buck to LIP of Salman Khan!!!

MY POINT: You don’t have to know the man in person to state that Salman Khan has served his SENTENCE a fair bit!