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Teach your toddler “Early to rise” is what “Good children do” and REGRET IT!!!

Chronicles of motherhood-


I AM SO DRAINED from the day’s work that I pass out the moment I hit the pillow!

Reason: My daughter has a body clock which is so precise that it beats my energies hands down!

Can’t keep my eyes open!

I went to bed on time! 10:30PM I was nestled in my king sized bed, air con. on and I under my duvet!

10:55PM: Daughter declares she needs to use the loo!

I drag myself out of bed and slowly we clamber back in with her sleepy frame in my arms!

We go back to sleep instantly! 

And then the sleep (never) prevails??? 

1:00AM:Deepa mumma my tummy doing oin oin” (this means I feel like having some milk in the middle of the night! PS: NOT always OUT OF HUNGER).

I, once again wake up and tell her “give me a minute baby, will get your milk! You stay with papa until then ok?” 

She promptly replies, “No mumma I will also come along and you make my milk! Don’t ask Lakshmi to! If you make it, it’s yummy”


How does a mother say a “NO” NOW!!! 

So, once again I drag myself out of bed and before I have even gathered my balance, she is ready to jump off, straight into my arms (as if she had never slept! God knows what it is about kids and their bottomless energy reservoirs)!

We walk down from our room on the first floor to the kitchen (while I have serious issues with my wobbly/sleepy frame) and while I make her a glass of Bournvita, she is instructing me on how I should take an off tomorrow and not go to work!

“Her words are music to my ears!” And my ears take in the whole of it while she finishes her milk!

We are back in the bed by 1:30AM and off to sleep by 2:30AM!

Finally, its time for some un-interrupted sleep!

Goodness gracious!

I heave a sigh of relief and husband tugs the daughter on his side so that I can get the lesser portion of the kicks!

Then begins the battle of the duvet!

She in her sleep will keep kicking the duvet off and the husband and I will take turns to cover her until we give up and we switch the Air con. off!
Air con. off = Daughter woken up!

We quickly switch the air con. back on and she goes back to sleep! By now its 4:45AM!


We have stuck brown papers on the windows, drawn curtains and all of that but in spite of all that, she will without fail manage to see THAT ONE RAY OF SUNLIGHT and THEN:

“Deepa mumma sun risen! Lets go downstairs and play! Mumma after sunrise only lazybummies sleep! I am strong and fresh!

PS: Guys be very careful what you say to your kids! Its going to come back to haunt you forever!

I curse the moment when she was taught this! I don’t remember teaching her this though, because I am the last one to wake up on time!

I am sure it’s her grandparents!

Word of caution: Your Child’s Grandparents are injurious to your health!!!


There is possibly no way on earth by which you are able to prevent your head from falling off your head!

All you can do is dream of your self on that king sized bed, air con. on and you under your duvet and SULK AT WORK!

Tortoise around, hoping for the day to end soon!

Only to be welcomed by your toddler’s expectant eyes and arms waving in air just as her tiny legs are running her through to you, straight into your arms!

Your mitochondria kick in big time and your dreariness vanishes! You happily entertain and get entertained by the toddler only to wake up gloomy eyed once again!


AND I go through this once again, each day, every day….happily!!!