April Fools Day

My April Fools’ day

The holiday continued! And it was just what I needed! A hiatus!


There were sightings of the Nilgai (aka Asian antelope/Blue bull), Black buck, Sambal deer, peacocks, squirrels …

But wait…

The gypsy driver got us all excited-

(PS: Ranthambore National PArk is really popular for sighting the Tigers in the wild)

“Madam look you can see pug marks already! The tiger has just passed by this route. He must be close by! We will definitely spot a Tiger real close…..(the chatter went on and so did we).

He continued with his versions of Tiger spotting that had happened the previous day right here! Right where we were! The same spot in the same zone!

His narration was inclusive of a Tigress with her two month old pugs! He told us about how the tourists he got here yesterday saw the tiger from barely an arm’s distance!

Now that got our adrenaline rushing!

My little girl was hearing everything quietly until now!

Suddenly, her adrenaline also kicked in!

She got so excited at the prospect of seeing the tiger up close!

PS: She was determined to take “baby tigers” home! She wanted to hug and kiss them and then return back home with them!

We, very keenly shared the excitement that the driver and the guide were constantly feeding us!

We bumped and rocked ourselves over this semi-valley like route which was laden with stones and rocks and ….

The pug marks disappeared!

Disappeared to never be seen again!

But, this guy/our driver,

He has to be a pass out from IIM with a MBA in Marketing!

He had us playing to his tunes! He had very ably sold us the idea that spotting the tiger was a sure shot!

As if tigers weren’t animals with legs (that were functional/able enough to carry them from one place to another)!

Rather statues of stone, stuck in a spot for us to spot!!!

We went from one water spot to another looking for the tiger(since it is so hot, the chances of spotting the tiger near water bodies increases)!

The effort ended 3 hours later with no tigers to be seen!

We came back dejected but with sympathies for the driver because the poor guy tried after all!

A day later,

After we went around the town a little more, met a few more people and became smarter!

Street smart!

We realised (we were told and informed by many)-

We were fooled!

There are no tigers to be spotted in the Zone we were allotted!

ZONE 10 is barley a jungle!

(The later you book, more are your chances of landing your self in the pseudo-jungle zone with no hope of spotting the tigers)

NO Tiger has marked this area as its Territory!!!

The Guy had fooled us into buying his idea that luck was on our side today and the tiger was just a stone’s throw away!

We were fooled on the 30th of March!

This was when our fool’s day celebrations began!

After all, each day is a day of the fooled and the fool makers!!!

Happy April fool’s day today!

(For those who wish to visit Ranthambore for the what it is famous for, in future: please book as early as possible/try getting zones 2-7)