This Holiday enforces….Ignorance Is a Bliss!

How I wish I were in the Stone Age! How I wish I was left untouched by the “Stone Wave!!!”

My frame of mind right now:

I am away from the humdrum of my super sonic life (Read: City life)! Five days in Ranthambore, a quaint, little town hidden in the interiors of Rajasthan, India!

I can see stars in the sky and a clear moon (no Hazy shadows) and can literally smell Mogra every evening in the lawns of my villa here and can even hear the birds chirp (@ The Tigress spa and resort)πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€©

While I took long, indulgent sips of my chai, my daughter and the husband were sitting under the garden light, staring at it with such intent that it made me give up my precious few moments of peace (when you have a toddler, even 5 minutes to yourselves is INDULGENCE)!

My daughter saw me approaching them! She ran to me and motioned me to sit without making a noise!

Then, she excitedly clapped her hands and said “Mumma birdie (sparrow in this case) making nest”!


Such joys, only nature can gift us!

Then comes the Safari morning!

Our gypsy is all set and we head out at 6:30am!While we are being driven to our destination, (Zone 10 of the National park) for tiger spotting, I, my daughter and the husband feel a sudden burst of fresh air!

Our lungs expand and inhale this huge gulp of air! I can feel my lungs getting all excited! My alveoli were bouncing with pure elation!

After all, they were taking in what they are meant to!

Once we enter the jungles of Ranthambore, my phone network dies (as if I had fallen off the face of this earth)!

PS: Per force I am unable to check my insta, FB, wordpress etc and then-

I can hear NOTHING!

NOTHING, Except for the birds and the rustling of leaves (because of the wild and the wilderness)!

I can see nothing besides the LIFE that I am surrounded with!

LIFE, which is shades of Black and White (no greys whatsoever).

Those thorny succulents (cactus) appeared to be more beautiful that ever before! The pebbles and rocks seemed like my own!

I was so in tune with everything! I felt like I belonged her! But, how was that possible!

I have been an urban rat for as long g as I can remember!

Logical reasoning: My ancestors belonged here! Stone Age remember!!!! 🏹😧

No wonder I am feeling at home here 😈

But you know what’s worst-

I know all the the cons and Ranthambore only reinforced them!

Yet, I can’t get myself to leave the “Stone Cage” (Read: The Civilization!)


Because life (without fail), comes full circle!

I started off with Ancestors from “Stone Age” to being swept by a “Stone wave” which built me a “Stone Cage!!!”

Only if, this weren’t true!

Only if I was left untouched by the Stone Wave which trapped me in its chintzy, stony, cage!


Only if I was still ignorant of my current addictions!

(I am addicted to Java chip, Jacobs Creek, Jammed 4G and Jarred lungs😷!)