Gigi Vs. The Falsies!


Most of my beauty oriented blogs are for those who know “ZERO” or have “ZERO” time when it comes to makeup!

Read on:

It has been a couple of months now!

I don’t clearly remember the month that it was, but nonetheless! That’s not important here!

Point is-

Gigi Hadid makeup range had just been launched and I being in total awe of this Taurean (I being a Taurean, get totally smitten by every Taurean anyway) went ahead and got my self the Gigi Hadid Fibre Mascara and a Gigi Hadid Lipstick, in shade “Taura!”

I came home from work to find the parcel neatly placed on my dresser by my little girl (she always puts all my parcels on my dresser and once I am back from work, we unbox the parcels together ALWAYS)!

They felt so beautiful!

THE lipstick and the mascara in my hands!

I tried “Taura” and I was anything but smitten! The shade, texture, the way it felt on my lips-everything for me was wrong! And I was so put off that I put the lipstick and the mascara (WITHOUT trying the mascara) away!

The MASCARA WAS DISCOVERED! Rather Re-discovered and how!!!

Now, months later, here I was getting dressed to leave for our vacation! Our family holiday to Ranthambore (Rajasthan/India)!

A trip to national park with a toddler can in no manner be inclusive of LOTS OF LUGGAGE!

But then I am never going to step out of my house without my mascara and lip balm!

Horror Horror!

My one and only mascara, the Maybelline colossal! I had run out of it! I thought I had an extra in my stock and I DID NOT!!!

While I was stressing and going through my stock, my eyes fell on the discarded piece of Gigi Hadid Fibre Mascara!

I grunted in disgust and picked it up!

There I was so god damn sure of the disaster that I was just going to slather onto my lashes but I did it anyways!

AND!!! So glad I opposed my gut and took my chances!


One little wiggle and you see Falsies without any falsies!!!

PS: I have only heard of FALSIES and they to me look UNREAL! No offence to those who own it and swear by it!!!

What am saying is-

If you are a mascara junkie like me, you’ve got to own this little pale wand!!!

It’s all things but Pale!!!

I have ditched my Colossal fav. For good!

My loyalties have shifted base!

By the way, I haven’t even tried the “fibre” effect which is suppose to give your lashes a longer and voluminous look!

I am going to try that soon and see how it makes my already so plush lashes (thanks to the Gigi Hadid Mascara) bigger and BETTER!

How I wish I hadn’t been prejudiced towards this dual wand!!!