toddler mom

Toddler being raised by Children!

My sister went shopping!

Agenda was: “Deepa, I NEED CLOTHES. I have NONE for the summers!!!” I told her to not enter the house without something for me as well!


She came home with this bag full of books (AND two T-shirts “smack”)!!!

Whatever happened to her agenda for apparel shopping.

I couldn’t be happier though!

I was so excited to see so many books together! I quickly dropped my “toddler cupboard sorting” (my daughter was helping me with it) and we both (daughter and I) went straight to my sister’s bag!

We three girls sat ourselves down on the floor to sort the books that had been bought and brought home! Books are such treasures! I can never get enough of them and I have been successful in passing my “book addiction gene” to my sister and then my daughter!

We were discussing who will read what first?!?

The books rolled out-

  1. Indian Summer (by Alex Von Tunzelmann)
  2. Why I am a Hindu (by Shashi Tharoor)
  3. An Era of Darkness (by Sashi Tharoor)
  4. A Hundred little flames (by Preeti Shenoy)
  5. Brothers (by Manju Kapoor)
  6. A Man called Ove (by Fredrick Backman)
  7. The Blue Umbrella (by Ruskin Bond)
  8. The River of Adventure (by Enid Blyton)
  9. The Fly away cottage (by Enid Blyton)
  10. The Jungle Book (by Rudyard Kipling)
  11. Grandma’s bag of stories (by Sudha Murthy)
  12. The best of Tenali Raman (by Rungeen Singh)

And, Finally I asked her-

“These books (first 6 ones) are so cool!

But what were you thinking? You really don’t expect me to read the Bonds and the Blytons NOW???”

Pat came the reply!

“They are NOT FOR YOU ALRIGHT! They are for Tuktuk”

I felt so distraught for her amnesia!

She seemed to have forgotten that my daughter/her niece is ONLY 2.5 years old!

Granted my daughter is super smart (every mother anyway feels that ways), but she surely can’t read none of this!

She looked at me with lazy eyes (eyes which said-“you are a MORON DEEPA SUHAG”)

Then she slowly rolled the words out, IN AN UBER COOL TONE-

“Deepa when she grows up she will read these, so I got them for her.”

The way she looked at me, I was feeling so stupid for wanting to ask her (I, however knew that I wasn’t being silly at all), but I couldn’t resist asking-

“Manisha, WHY DID YOU BUY IT YEARS IN ADVANCE? Just in case you are unaware, these books wont perish from the face of Earth”

And she snapped!

“BECAUSE, Deepa we are making a library for Tuktuk’s room, REMEMBER?”

Damn! My memory! Damn the dementia!

My sister and I had actually decided on that!

So foolish isn’t it!


My little child is surrounded by a bunch of such overenthusiastic Adult Children!

The truth of the matter was/is:

We all are reliving our childhood on the pre-text of my daughter!

This is what kids do to us!

They make us oblivious of our age and our backdrops!

They drop us right in the middle of JOY!

Just what we need!

We adults were itching to become children again! And my daughter gave us the golden chance and we grabbed it with both hands!

That’s why they say-

Childhood is a gift!

PS: While we were busy bickering, my daughter had climbed her bed and was sitting with her Jungle Book!