Motherhood helped me find my RED WONDER (my LIP BALM)!!!

I was on my maternity leave!  My sister and I were talking in a hush hush manner while my baby slept next to me! We were planning a road trip to my farms and were discussing all things multipurpose for my new born (after all who likes to carry truck loads, especially when you have a 2 month to look after and that to when you are on the go)!

En route to my farms

That’s when I discovered this RED WONDER!!!


While I discovered my love for lipsticks at 30 (,

I alway knew that those flavoured, glossy lips was never my thing!

Back in those days, Maybelline, Born Lippy (The Bodyshop) and Nivea were such a rage.

Nonetheless, ALL OF THEM made me cringe!

I tried each one of them and after every single try I felt like my lips were weighed down by the amount of “butter” sitting on my lips and their flavours and fragrances made me dizzy!

So, my only option would be “ghee (Clarified butter) with a few drops of sweet almond oil” on my lips (and I would dab it a little with a tissue to get the excess off and my lips would stay nourished).

I LOVED my HOME MADE lip balm!

BUT, then something went wrong!

It stopped working its long lasting effects! I later realised, the reason was that as my age was maturing, my skin was getting more dehydrated and thus I needed reapplications! And YOU CLEARLY CANNOT ROAM ABOUT with a TUB OF my home made lip/GHEE balm (it would melt and leak all the time/TROPICAL LAND, I COME FROM)!

Consequently, I shifted to vaseline (I was left with no choice)!

PS: The hunt for the right lip balm was CONTINUED……

The search was ON, UNTIL…. I BECAME A MOTHER (an almost nomadic at that)!

Until I found this wonder POT! (It also comes in the form of little tubes)

I call it my RED WONDER because its SO MULTIPURPOSE that initially I was so certain, I was being duped!

Yet, I went ahead and took my chances and thank goodness I did!

This lip balm deserves all the awe that it garners!

Because its a LIP BALM + Ointment for diaper rash, insect bites, burns, Scars, minor allergies and cuts!

PS: I am a toddler mom, so IF-

I see anything that is MULTIPURPOSE, ITS ANYWAY ORGASMIC! hahahahaha….

(IF you are a toddler mom, you know what I mean)

Its called-


PS: it comes in smaller variants as well.

The MAGIC of LUCAS PAPAW is accredited to the FRESHLY FERMENTED PAPAYA extracts!

It has worked magic on my lips, on my daughter’s scratches and cuts!

I have even tested it for THOSE UGLY zits.


The situation is such in my house now, that any dermal issues and everyone blindly runs for this tub full of goodness! I never step out of my house without this!

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