For Those Lush and Oh so PERCET EYEBROWS (with a bonus tip)!!!

90’s saw the excessive plucking of the eyebrows!

Everyone was so obsessed with those super thin eyebrows that I remember fighting with my mother to let me get those eyebrows as thread-like as possible!!!

Like most mothers of a teenager, my mother did not succumb to my teenage tantrums!

But, when does a teenager simply give in just because the parents feel what you are doing is wrong! 

Thus, I used my tweezers and achieved just what I WANTED!!! 


Times change! Like always, it also brings a change in trends!

And, we follow trends and they get hugely popular!

This time, time brought in BUSHY EYEBROWS as the TREND that EVERYONE is going crazy after!!!

Alas, most of us have damaged our eyebrows (with our very own hands)!

And, eyebrow pencils made the most of our loss of hair and became loaded overnight!

We too were left with a solution! A TEMPORARY ONE HOWEVER!!!


The solution is- CASTOR OIL + Q-tips!!!

PS: Its a gradual process! Its not some miracle! The miracle lies in being persistent! 

EVERY NIGHT, take a small amount of Castor oil on the Q-tips and evenly apply onto your eyebrows (would take a couple of months to see a difference)!

BONUS TIP: You can also apply a very small amount onto the roots of your eye lashes (both upper as well as lower) to give you those naturally thick and long eyelashes!!!