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Toddler parents and their date night stories- PART 1


Every day, over phone (while I am at work and my husband is on leave/sailor is home) we make some really elaborate and exquisite plans!

We make plans! We plan to head for my favorite Chai Latte at Starbucks and maybe a quick and quiet dinner some place afterwords!

We have requested our parents (ever so willing) to please pitch in and help us with our 2.5 year old toddler, while we squeeze in some couple time for us!

My mother occupies my daughter with various toys and books!

The moment she gets busy, my husband and I go to get dressed (if she sees us getting dressed then forget about an outing without her)!!!

On the spur, my husband quickly reinforces my pangs of guilt (by asking me- are you sure you want to go alone and not take her along) which are already afloat in my heart (for going out without our daughter).

AND, right at that moment my child appears (she has an amazing SIXTH SENSE)!!!

Daughter then says: “Deepa mumma, Madhav papa you going for dinner??? Tuku will also come!”

My husband and I exchange looks and go down on our knees and plant a kiss each on her chubby face (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE EVER)!

Husband picks her up in his arms!!!

I go and change my 4” stilettoes with flats!

We go for coffee and dinner with our child and it’s the best dinner ever!

Date night turned into a family dinner!

Thankgod for my family!!!


PART 2 coming up soon……(OF THAT I AM SO SURE…..hahahahah….)

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