My go to look= 5 minutes + 5 products

Youtube must be hurting these days!!! Hurting with exhaustion!!!

Too many beauty vlogs on Youtube, off late! And they are so detailed!!!

(PS: The real focus needs to be on skin’s health and not beautification!!!)

It takes a bag full of products and a minimum of 20 minutes (guessing from their blog descriptions) to “GET THE LOOK” thats being tutored!

I am left MARVELLING at those who have that kind of luxury!!!

I mean 20 minutes each day, right in the morning (Moolah that goes in it is of course another consideration)!!!

Besides, not everyone is a makeup wizard and those brush strokes can be quite daunting!

I am a toddler mom who reaches work at 8:45 AM every single day!

Where is the time???

I would rather sleep those extra 20 minutes!

But, which woman doesn’t like to look presentable and why not! 

So, I have devised my own little HASSLE FREE ways to look NEAT!

IMG_5803                                          JUST 5 PRODUCTS and ONLY 5 MINUTES!!! DOT!!!


5 Products (in order of application)

  1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
  2. Wet n Wild Contouring Palette
  3. Cha Cha Benetint (instead of a Blush/STAYS ALL DAY).
  4. Maybelline colossal Mascara
  5. Kiko Milano Lipstick (No. 431)

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