Thankgod for Smashbox!!!

At 30, I realised what a good lipstick could do for your face!!!


It was the spring of 2017!!!

There I was, sitting on the window sill, looking out of my hotel room at the Times Square, with the Empire State Building right in front of me, and a clear view of the gorgeous blue waters of the Hudson on my right!

THE HUDSON! It’s so surreal to have a river as a part of the city (I LOVE WATER/just sighting water is so therapeutic to my soul) and when it’s NYC with the river!!!!

It’s a beauty of another level altogether!!!

Sipping onto my lemon tea, my head is buzzing with a million thoughts!

Thoughts about all the things I want to take back home and all the places I want to see!

My senses are so awakened at the prospect of being touristy!!!

I love being TOURISTY 🕶

I, like us all had my own bucket list of things to buy and I got most of it as well!

But what was that one thing that stood out the most in my shopping bag!

It was my SMASHBOX lipsticks!

At that time, Smashbox had not been launched in India and I am not a makeup Junkie so for me it was an absolutely new name and I bought it only on the recommendation of a sales assistant there in Sephora!

I bought it nonetheless because I loved the way it worked on my lips!

PS: That was when my love for lipsticks began!!!

SMASHBOX can do that for anyone I guess!

I started with their “Be Legendary” range and now I am SO HOOKED onto their “Always on Liquid Lipsticks“!

If want to know what “Smudge proof/long lasting” lipsticks mean, GET SMASHBOX!!!

SMASHBOX smashes the competition hands down!!!

**SMASHBOX vs. HUDA beauty coming up soon!!!