“Followers” is a sophisticated synonym for “Stalkers”!!!

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I have had a long Friday and I still have a few hours to go before I can head home!

I have finally been able to settle in and have unpacked my lunch.

Within 10 seconds I am feeling relaxed and the first thing I did after calling home to speak with my 2 year old daughter was, logging into my Instagram!

See the importance it holds in my life! The free time I have, is spent on Insta posts and stories! (Checking on my daughter is an obvious top priority, but then is there nothing more than that in my life???)

PS: My lunch is unpacked and untouched so far! (not to forget that I was starving when I decided to finally sit down and eat)

My food comes after my instagram!

Now, the thoughts bouncing in my head are, What else could I have done if not logged into the social websites!

I am left blank!!!

A little more of Brain hammering, and the answer is – Damn!!! I have to check the number of likes/views my blog got so far! How many more followers have I got???

And then we get pompous and say “we write because we like to write! We write for ourselves” 🙈

Really??? Bleh 🤔

I stress my grey cells a bit more!

My brain cells bounce back at me this thought- “Oops, I could have gone through amazon to buy myself some more books and I also need a hair mask” (the recent attempt at balayage gone horribly wrong)!!!”

Now, I am flummoxed!

All I truly care for is to stalk and get stalked???

Sorry, I meant “to Follow and be Followed!!!”

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I don’t think so! But then I also don’t have an answer which would be justified enough!