The loop of faith!!!


“Why does a particular action-such as getting married in church, fasting on Ramadan or voting on Election Day seem meaningful to me? Because my parents also think it is Meaningful, as do my brothers, my neighbours, people in nearby cities and even residents of far-off countries! And why do all these people think it is meaningful? Because their friends and neighbours also share the same view! People constantly reinforce rash other’s beliefs in a self-perpetuating loop!!! Each round of mutual confirmation tightens the web of meaning further, UNTIL YOU HAVE LITTLE CHOICE BUT TO BELIEVE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE BELIEVES!!!” – Homo Deus

In short- WE HUMANS like to call ourselves EGALITARIAN IN NATURE!!!

However, we are nothing but knee-jerk Radicals!!!

All we have learnt to do is go with the flow!

We have aced the HERD MENTALITY!!!

The select few who don’t conform to the crowd and it’s belief’s are touted as crazy losers (until a fortunate few carve a niche for themselves)!

We humans have a long way to go and yet I can assure you that we won’t get too far!!!

We won’t get too far,before we are perished and we can thank ourselves for the that!

Humans are losing the humane factor!


I hope for the good of us all that there really is a ‘GOD’ looking after us)!!!