book lovers

BOOKS- A coping mechanism!!!

I once read somewhere (PS:It’s a theory!!! A study underway! It’s not a thumb rule!!!) that the children who feel a lack in the love and affection they are getting at home are the ones more prone to being attached to a particular stuff toy, dolls, etc (seeking love)!!!

Personally, I also feel that the children always feel the lack of love at some point in time! If you are a working mom, your baby would feel betrayed and unloved! If you refuse to buy your toddler a candy, the child feels unloved! You don’t approve of your teenagers girlfriend/boyfriend/friends, they assume that you don’t love them!

Basically parents have almost NEVER LOVED THEIR KIDS! “LOL”..🤣🤣🤣 KIDS ARE A “GREEDY FOR LOVE” category!


Now, I am assuming if that’s true then probably, these faithful childhood comforts gradually get replaced by those bundles of hard bound paper!


And this time we aren’t greedy! The world we live in!!! Oh my god!!!

We need coping mechanisms!

Else we shall collapse!!!

Brings me back to the question: WHAT is that the primary reason behind most of us clinging to our books while everything else old has been replaced rapidly by the ever evolving technology!

Television has been replaced by YouTube and Netflix!

Encyclopaedia has been replaced by Wikipedia!

Landlines have been beaten by the androids!

Kindle tried to replace the books but did it succeed???

We still obsess over those bundles of paper bound together!

That is because we have gotten ourselves twirled around books as they give us a chance to ESCAPE!!! And we are ESCAPISTS!!!

At least, I AM!

They provide us with an easy route to our alter egos!

We can choose to be in different worlds at different times!

I think it’s safe to say that the book in your hands is a reflection of your state of mind!

I don’t know about others, but I surely have found my safe haven in books!

I snuggle up in my bed with my book and my book lamp with my toddler sleeping next to me and all lights switched off!

Five minutes later, I have transported myself into a world where I want to be!

The books hold the control panels of the vicious circle called LIFE!

Open your book and the button is turned off!!!The world and the life’s ugliness and atrocities” seize to exist!

This book helps me forget my sore ankles from the days running around (not to forget, it was all done with a minimum of 3″ heels! Got to look hot as well after all 🤣🙈)

My book aids in relieving my brains from the stressor that I inflict upon myself every weekday in the name of work (We all know what that entitles yeah 😈🤫)

My book brings me closer to my child as it gives my daughter and I the chances to do things together! To read together and share the world outside this world together!

These books once again remind me of the innocence and simple joys of life where animals and humans happily sustained life together (The Jungle Book/sadly it’s just fiction, except the odd dogs and cats in our houses)!!!

These books over everything else give me HOPE!

HOPE for a change and all it takes to achieve the change is a flick of your finger/a turn of a page)

Books no wonder deserve the hype they enjoy!

Because if there is no hope, there is no life!

I think it’s safe to say-