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Face Serum Malpractices (my 2 year Old helps decode it for you)!!!


DISCLAIMER: In this post, my toddler shall  teach you face serum application! See it to believe it 😂👶 

Kids theses days, I tell you 🙏🏻🙈

Off late, face serums have become a rage! Everyone owns a face serum or is looking to own one.

Sadly, I am afraid not many know what they want and follow trends blindly!

This not only worsens the condition of your pockets but is also a gamble with your skin!!!

I being a biologist and also being able to call myself some fancy terms like a “Scientist” can probably answer your “WHY’s” behind most of these things!

Surprisingly though, one doesn’t need to be a scientist and just needs to let their common sense prevail 😜😉!!!

The key behind choosing the right serum is reading its list of ingredients VERY CAREFULLY! For instance, if you are looking for skin plumping you need to look at collagen in your serum but if their collagen serum has 20 other components besides collagen then how effective is the collagen!!!????!!!

Do the math!!!

The serum then contains barely any collagen!!!

To add on to your grief of zeroing down onto good serums are the two major malpractices doing the rounds!!!

1. Costlier the better (I shall bust this myth by naming a few super pocket friendly face serums/ please follow my blog for regular updates)!!!

(smart ain’t I!!! Lol 😬 ok let’s get serious again/something I find very hard to do for long 😑🤭🤫)

2. The way you apply a face serum is key to its efficacy! People have gotten it all wrong as far as this is concerned! (Please do Watch the video below: Here, My toddler is teaching her grandmother the right way of  face serum application😍🙏🏻😊)