women empowerment

Women stoop womanhood!!!

There is a reason why unfair propositions are meant to be rejected without a second thought and not accepted differentially!

That’s how survival of the fittest has happened!

And this is exactly what women aren’t doing!

We talk of women empowerment all the time and then we very meekly accept all kinds of bigoted offers!

Look at these offers from a man’s perspective and they are nothing but a ripoff!

We women constantly blame men for our status quo and it’s further downfall!

However, if we must whine then it should be about the other women in our lives!

I am going to be offending half the world and maybe the entire country here but please just read on and tell me-

Have you ever heard of a couple try for a third child because they want a daughter and they have two sons already? How many times have you come across couples with two older sons and the youngest child being a daughter? Have you ever come across two sons who are 10 years apart as the second son was an accidental child?

I haven’t come across any to be honest!!!

It’s our mothers who (knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or per force) teach us that we are nothing more than what lies in between our legs!

(Ask yourself as a mother to a daughter!!! A girl child’s safety is spoken only in context to molestation/rape!!! Isn’t her life of any value at all???)

PS: Fathers aren’t suppose to talk to their girls about “such things!!!”

After all, a girl child is born asexually, solely by the mother and is thus, only a mother’s responsibility!

(Did your father ever speak to you about your chums???)

Then, you enter the world of dating/marriage/live-in’s and the women in your boyfriend/husband/partner’s life treat you as a threat to their existence from the word go!

(Look inside your own households or into your friend’s and I am certain that you shall find suitable references)

To top it all, is the female boss phenomenon!

Women bosses have turned blind to the concept of a “ticking biological clock” and they clearly know nothing about labour pains in spite of the fact that they themselves are mothers!

(You remember that amazing advertisement by the brand “Anouk”, starring Radhika Apte???)

(link of the advertisement for the unaware souls https://youtu.be/rz5rAFAvqCs )

And after facing all this, a few women who still have a strong career accept whatever is handed to them in the name of a Salary package (because you are either subdued or its considered rude for a woman to talk of remuneration and compensations!!!)

For women who claim that money ain’t important to you, then please do charity!

PS: if money truly doesn’t matter to you then I am dying to meet you!!!

Cut me some slack guys! Oops, women I meant!!!


Women, aren’t you all tired of your own malice yet!!! Stop blaming men! Shame your self!

We all have been guilty of the blame game and pulling our fellow women down at some point in time!

At least, I do plead guilty!

Stand behind each other! Stand next to each other! Support women kind for women empowerment!

Hail Women Empowerment!!!