Skin Care

French restored my Largest organ (aka SKIN)!!!

My Pregnancy brought along GREAT SKIN days!

Boy!!! The way I would glow morning to evening, day in and day out, well slept form or the sleep deprived zombie state but the glow was undeterred💃!

My skin was gorgeous! My unborn daughter did that for me! Eternal blessing that she is!😇

Finally, My nightmarish skin had decided to be kind to me!

It turned wondrous over night!

Thank the hormones that sustained a pregnant I (Walked into labour straight from work)!

Then, she came into this world, held dearly by my arms, my heart in my hands, and my emotions on my sleeves!

A month post the mother-daughter unison came the horror!

But, now (1 month postpartum, I was back to dreadful skin days/ worse than what it was before the bun was in the oven😜🙈)

Once again, OVERNIGHT!!!

I am ALWAYS thrown things straight at my face, first thing in the mornings!

Such is my Kismet!😭

This time it was my worst skin days! Having flaunted a resplendent skin for over 10 months, this skin condition was something I could not fathom!

Thus, began the HUNT!

And, did I find the answer???

The answer to the predicaments faced by my largest organ???
I tell you what!!!

I DID!!!

The French came to my rescue this time! They restored my Largest organ and how!

The foremost step towards my skin being gladdened lay in the name of “La Roche Possay”
Their face wash “Effaclar Gel Cleanser” is a gift to woman kind!

And if you are a woman with oily/sensitive skin then you might as well worship at their altar!

I Used this twice a day and the difference wasn’t just felt by me, in-fact seen by and mentioned to me by my family (My only source of adult interaction during the early postpartum days)!!!

The glow returned with a bounce and suppleness and has never faltered since then (been 2.5 years now)!🙏🙏

Such a cliché’ but the day had to begin with gallons of WATER and lemon shots)🍋🍋

“La Roche Posay” is my Skin’s religion and I am as true to it as one can be!
Rather it’s become my way of life!!!

Ps: In the Picture above (that’s me), there’s nothing on my face except VB black cassis on my lips and my moisturiser+studio fix face powder ( as I have a super oily skin) and coats after coats of Mascara! NO EDITING! It’s my iPhone 7s if that helps😊