Losing the battle named “survival of the fittest” courtesy HORMONES!

I wonder why the gravest of all ramifications in my life have been perpetually self-inflicted! And always powered by my disloyal hormones. I trust my hormones the least as they one way or the other, without fail act up at decisively inappropriate moments!


Those times in school when I would get that occasional low score card (which were very frequent during my 11th grade and I think it’s an Indian phenomenon if not worldwide) and knew the outburst that would ensue post its surfacing in front of my parents! What’s the best thing to do when your folks are yelling??? We all know it don’t we! We MUST AT ALL COSTS SHUT UP, but my hormones never ever let me keep my trap shut! Thus, followed a huge, huge row with a lot of yelling that lasted hours and sometimes the whole day!
Then came the time of Pre-Boards (class 12th) and I like us all knew that this was the time to study, but then I got myself thickly embroiled in a malaise fashionably known as FIRST LOVE!!! The Androgens were to be blamed of course! Here I was basking in the glory of it all, while my time away from books was a regular and my stress incessant! The cherry on the cake was that this strain was courtesy my unfaithful boyfriend and I cared two hoots about my exams that were towering in stature as they always are in our motherland (aka Bharat maata)!!! Sigh!!!
And thus, the era of high school ended on a sour note in all spheres and Nicholas Sparks landed in my hands!

But I have never settled for less!!! After all, my hormones have a reputation to live up to! I somehow, have managed to get myself into the ever so prestigious Delhi University (as if DU alone will make you a billionaire and money does buy you happiness!).
The hormones have started to act up all over!
And I wonder once again if they would they be able to rot this one too??? Or would they fail???!!!???
My hormones didn’t fail me! They have started the process of soiling my life once again and making me lose the battle of “the survival of the fittest” as recently a new man has been becoming tad bit too visible in my life while I very dearly cling onto the past! The past which is replete with average scores and an unfaithful boyfriend courtesy the disloyal hormones!!!
Trust you me, these hormones are absolute asses! What am I supposed to make of all this!

I am left as clueless as clueless can ever get!

Bloody Hormones!!! Bloody Books!!! Bloody Men!!!

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